What sort of treatment can I expect?

As Chiropractors we want to get your whole body moving at its best, especially your spinal joints and muscles. Our treatment loosens them up, we show you quick and easy stretches to keep them moving, and your body’s own repair mechanisms do the healing.

We use a combination of traditional and totally up-to-date techniques:

  • Very low force adjustments: These help re-set the natural alignment of the vertebrae and the balance of the muscles and connective tissues.
  • Specialised “diversified” manipulation : When joints have been locked for a long time, adhesions form around the joint.
  • Postural Stress Release: Simple easy 10 second stretches that you do daily.
  • Myofascial Release: The “layers” of your body can become fibrous and get stuck together. We use a wide variety of techniques to get them loosened up.
  • Ultrasound: You can`t actually feel this treatment, but it is very useful for rapid pain relief.
  • Importantly, home stretch and exercise advice.

Why do we use these techniques? Because they are so effective in releasing deep joint and muscle tensions. Many of the treatment techniques are extremely gentle. When you visit us, we will always start very gently and you always be involved and have a choice of treatment.
Whatever your problem, we`ll always choose the treatment that suits you best.

Sports Injuries

Both Laura and Andrew have extensive experience in treating sports injuries, and have taken part in many sports themselves. We have seen leading sportsmen and women (amateur and professional) from every field.

Does treatment hurt?

Sometimes there is some soreness after treatment, after all, we are treating a painful area. In most cases this will subside after a day or two.

We never forget that your health is our business and you can be sure we’ll always keep our touch as light and pleasant as possible. We want you to get better quickly … and stay that way.

If you are not sure, please just ring our clinic and we’ll be happy to discuss your concerns.